West Michigan Dog Bite Injury Attorneys

If you receive a dog bite that causes injury, you need to act quickly to get expert legal counsel, as you have the burden of proving that you were bitten by a dog that was unconfined, and that you were not trespassing on another’s property where the dog was confined.  Michigan laws are very specific as to what is a “dangerous animal,” and also has leash laws for dogs.  The dog that has bitten you has to be clearly identified and medical attention sought promptly, as injury can exacerbate if needed treatment is not implemented as soon as possible.  This is an area where cell phones can come in handy, if you or a witness can snap a few pictures of the dog in question if at all possible.

If you are making a claim, it usually goes to the homeowner’s insurance.  You can claim lost wages due to medical treatment and trauma, or any other treatment such as psychological counseling due to the trauma of being bitten and other medical therapies deemed necessary for your health.  Your experienced Personal Injury Attorney at Ladas & Hoopes Law Office will investigate promptly and thoroughly to determine the nature and extent of your injury from a dog bite, as that will define the liability involved.  Details must be gathered promptly and thoroughly, from the dog involved to the owner’s address, names and addresses of witnesses, etc.

Ladas & Hoopes Law Office is the call you need to make to get the legal representation that will work aggressively for your compensation, and work with you to explain the details of your case every step of the way.  Contact us as soon as possible if you have been a victim of a dog bite!  231-744-6218