Auto / Car Accident Injury Attorneys in West Michigan

Auto Accidents – Getting the Compensation You Deserve

Have you been hurt by someone else’s negligence? You need to know that the path to getting the compensation you need and deserve for any injuries can be simplified and expedited by an experienced Personal Injury Attorney, such as the professionally competent attorneys at Ladas & Hoopes Law Office. The complexities of dealing with auto insurance companies, medical providers, and the legalities of processing claims are mind-boggling and best met with the help of those who have successfully dealt with Michigan laws and courts. You can count on the expertise of Ladas & Hoopes, who have been successfully serving West Michigan motorists since 1973.

There are two basic types of claims to consider, the first being a No-Fault claim, which means you are making the claim against your insurance company, no matter who is at fault. That is the basis of “No-Fault” Insurance; it gives you the protection of benefits whether you are at fault or not. Covered expenses under No-Fault claims are medical expenses which include hospitalization, lost wages, expenses for services paid out to others that would normally be done by you, such as housework, and potential rehab or home care expenses.

Additionally, you can make other claims of Fault against the other insurance company if you were not at fault in the accident. These claims can cover such expenses as compensation for pain and suffering, the overage of lost wages that would not be covered by your No-Fault benefit, lost society and companionship, if there has been a death, and benefits to the spouse of an injured party, if services of the spouse are lost.

There are exceptions, such as if you are on a motorcycle and get injured, as then the other insurance company pays the No-Fault benefits. There are other complexities that drive this process as well, which is why the best bet is to have an experienced and successful Personal Injury Attorney on your side. For more information on the auto accident claim process, please visit our FAQ page and contact us today for your free initial consultation at 231-744-6218.