West Michigan Probate Attorneys

Probate – a Necessary System

There are many reasons a will needs to be probated. You can think of a probate court as a substitute for the administration of an estate.  If a person dies without a will that designates how the estate is to be settled, the probate court will assign a personal representative to determine how the estate’s assets are to be distributed, but will first make sure all legal and monetary obligations are met, such as paying off creditors.  A will is also “probated” to determine its validity, and probate courts can help prevent wrongdoing on the part of will administrators or executors.  There are legitimate reasons for the probate court system, which is a specialized court for these services.

Important to know, though, is that probate is subject to many rules and regulations that vary from state to state, and estates are adjudicated at the local level, or jurisdiction.  You will need a competent estate planning/probate attorney, such as the experienced and time-tested law firm of Ladas & Hoopes Law Office who know the ins and outs of the Michigan laws regarding probate. Once the probate legal process starts, there are time limits for the various probate steps to be completed, such as the time limit for creditors to submit their claims on the decedent (person who died).

Ladas & Hoopes, West Michigan’s experienced and successful estate planning/probate attorneys, can help you navigate the many complexities of the estate planning/probate process, and simplify the administration of a loved one’s estate.  They understand this can be a disturbing process for many, and will work to smooth out all the complexities of the legal process, to expediently process the decedent’s will.  We will be happy to provide a free consultation when you contact us today at 231-744-6218.