If you’ve been involved in any kind of accident that could result in a personal injury claim, contact the police so you have a record of the incident. Once you’ve received appropriate medical care, it’s critical that you take detailed notes as soon as possible after the accident. They’ll come in handy in case you need to send a demand letter to your insurance company or decide to file a personal injury claim.

Gather Details about the Accident

Keep a copy of the police report. Write down or type up everything you remember about the accident, including the exact location, date and time, weather, what you were doing, and people who were with you. Describe every detail you can remember, and exactly what you felt physically before, during, and immediately after the accident. Be sure to make a note of all injuries. If there were any witnesses, write down their names and contact information if you have it. 

If appropriate, go back to the scene of the accident to look for evidence and take multiple photos, from various angles, of any conditions that might have contributed to the accident. Examples might include an out-of-service traffic light or a hazard on the sidewalk. Try to take photos at the same time of day the accident occurred. In the case of car accidents, choose the same day of the week, to show a similar amount of traffic.

Taking detailed notes about your injuries, no matter how small some of them may seem, can help your doctor treat you now, and help both your doctor and your insurance company understand the cause of pain or issues that may crop up weeks later. Oftentimes, injuries from accidents don’t show up right away, or start out as minor annoyances and develop into more serious injuries. 

After each doctor’s appointment, take detailed notes to augment any medical records you may need to submit to insurance or as part of a personal injury claim. 

Keep Taking Notes

It’s important to take notes on an ongoing basis, since you may forget important details later. As time goes on, keep track of any pain or other issues caused by your accident. Lasting concerns might include difficulty sleeping and anxiety along with pain or discomfort. 

Keep track, too, of economic loss including missed wages and other losses such as events, vacation, or anything you would have enjoyed but were unable to due to your accident or injury. Documentation will be required if you choose to pursue compensation for economic loss and pain and suffering. 

Consult an Experience Personal Injury Lawyer

To file a successful personal injury lawsuit, you will need a prompt and thorough investigation of your injury, with your case preparation to follow as quickly as possible.  

An experienced attorney can help you navigate the personal injury claim process. Ladas & Hoopes has a long history of obtaining successful settlements for our clients. Let us help you deal with the insurance companies and we will guarantee you get the results you deserve. Contact Ladas & Hoopes to schedule a free consultation to discuss your accident or injury, and determine appropriate next steps.

Source: Nolo.com